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 Adsense Accounts Got Deleted

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Adsense Accounts Got Deleted Empty
PostSubject: Adsense Accounts Got Deleted   Adsense Accounts Got Deleted Icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2011 1:37 pm

Adsense Accounts Got Deleted
I had over 16 Adsense accounts. Unfortunately, all of them have been deleted except 2 after I signed up for 2 more. It appears as if humans discovered that I had multiple Adsense accounts. The accounts had over 6k total. However, I'm not the least bit shocked or worried because I know the risks associated with black hat. I'm just going to try again as I don't give up so easily. They will need a whole lot more to get rid of me.

After signing up for three more Adsense accounts, I noticed that I received no welcome emails for these accounts and yet I could access my Adsense panel. Usually accounts like this get banned after you reach $10 so I changed all the info in the account to random numbers and letters. I've ditched these accounts.

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Adsense Accounts Got Deleted
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