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 Storesonline seminar in houston

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PostSubject: Storesonline seminar in houston   Storesonline seminar in houston Icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2011 1:37 pm

Storesonline seminar in houston
I went to this seminar today, the company is storesonline.com The workshop had around 200 people and they where selling two packages one for 3500 and the other package for 5995. I can not believe how many people actually had signed up. There was about atleast 50 people that signed up. They were talking about basic Seo strategies and talking about ranking on page one on google. The speaker was talking about saving his best secret till the end. He was talking about google ad words and and how to use that to rank number 1 in three days. I could not believe how many people were clueless and stupid to actually pay them all this money. All the info was basic crap and people fell for it. There pitch was that you can have unlimited websites and wholesalers integrated to you website providing drop shipping. I went there to check it out and want to get some names for the wholesale companies they use. When a consultant wanted to talk to me and sign me up I told him I want to see the list and see if they where legit. He kept pushing on selling me but i told him how do you except me to fork out 6000 if i have not tested out the site. I told him would you buy a used car without test driving it. He got all mad and offended dumb as douche bag. I have been on this fourm for 3 months, and what i have learned here is worth 6000.
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Storesonline seminar in houston
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