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 What if a guy u liked humiliated you ?

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What if a guy u liked humiliated you ? Empty
PostSubject: What if a guy u liked humiliated you ?   What if a guy u liked humiliated you ? Icon_minitimeTue Jan 17, 2012 12:34 pm

Well I am in college...been here for around 5 months now. Some of my old contacts might remember the questions i asked when i was setting off for college in july.
Well i met a guy here who is two years my senior. I really really liked him but of course nothing can happen. He is in third year and i am in first and he is not really into girls. He is a brain. Once, I and a friend told one of his friends, a girl, that first year girls really liked him. We were trying to find out if she and he were in a relationship. They weren't but when he found out about it, he suspected that i was one of those girls coz i had spoken to him a few times and now he has told his friends about this and they laugh at me when i pass by and talk about me and it is really humiliating. One of the ppl in his group happens to be a person i know outside of the college too, thru family friends, and tho he says he believes me when i say it is nothing like that, it is really embarassing. There is a girl in their group too and even she does not really bother to ask them not to make fun of me, no consideration that its ok to have a crush on someone. You don't have to humiliate a junior like this. In India, or in this college at least, such things are not common and so i stand out. It is difficult to face him or be involved in activities where he is present too and to pass him in the corridors. Somehow, wherever i go, one or the other of his friends are always lounging around. I can't even walk with my head held high and eyes looking straight coz whenever i look up, he is before me and i make eye cotact with him and then i don't know what to do....these coincidences are weird......
Presently i would love any advice from you as to how i can regain my confidence and composure or, especially, how i can put him down or make it clear to him and his friends that i don't care a jot about him. How can i make him feel small before me? I want to get back in a smart way and then end the chapter once and forever. Tho i still like him...only a bit....

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What if a guy u liked humiliated you ?
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